sora wonk
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spring break 2014
so far: two building-wide evacuations due to people cooking stupid on or around my floor--my neighbor, poor guy, fell asleep while making dinner at 5:30 am.

yesterday's fire filled the hall with thick smoke that smelled of melted plastic, so even though I normally don't take these things seriously, I was like, yup, have to get out of here.

we celebrated spring break by going to Fresh Grocer at 2 AM and buying ice-cream. clearly we know how to party hard.

before that, we were sitting right by the cafe, so when it closed, the cashier came out with two gallons of milk and a brownie and was like "do you guys want?" and we were like "hell yeah!" free food.

so now my friend is a supervillain called The Milkman. and he can bathe in milk, if he wants to.

the professor i fell in love with over the summer showed up today. he's been rather conspicuously avoiding me, probably because i flirt kind of obviously and in the sad case in which you are flirting with a straight man, well. such is life.

i can say with pride that i did not creepily keep the post-it he wrote his dvd requests on, and that i was the essence of professionalism. the essence.

i wonder why some people turn the air electric for you. did i decide sometime ago, "okay, i am going to act silly around this person, beginning now"? or is it programmed in--"when i see someone with those eyes, or that nose, or that hair and voice combination, my hands will shake and i will drop 70 iq points"?

if it were external from my own decision-making, i think it would seem more legitimate.

fateful, even.

i like his intelligence and his eyes and his hair and his hands and i really like his voice; it's calm and deep; and i like the way he laughs, it's very low and quiet and sexy. i like his stubble. i like his mouth.

most of the time, i don't want to be professional, and i just want to say, "hey can i get your card now, if you know what i mean?" or "are you checking *this* out? if you know what i mean." *wink*

which are terrible pick up lines and probably why i am single right now. not including the fact that i am terribly sleep deprived and seriously need a haircut.

but i know how it is, and such is life. it must be a million times more difficult for gay people. the list of unrequited crushes must be incredibly long, i imagine.

EDIT: to compensate for my sad sadness, my subconscious created a dream

where he comes back and he says he's forgotten his card, but he needs to check something on his account

so i ask him to spell his name (as if I didn't know it)

and he spelled "Carl's boyfriend."

and i hugged him and i was like ******** yeah this is the best thing that's ever happened in my life ever of all time.

okay I'm done with my imagination. it can ******** off. seriously.

but what a happy dream. i was so happy. and then i woke up and was late for work and when i went to work my boss was like "we've been measuring the data all wrong; you have to do it again."