Hypatias Tragedy
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Okay so I am supposed to be able to post this journal stuff right? Well here's something that happened the other night to me and pissed me the smilies/icon_scream.gif off (its wrong to curse online children smilies/icon_smile.gif). Any way, I got ahold of some fantastic Art Supplies the other night and my friends and I shared them and chilled when afterwards when I got dropped off this toad called me up asking to hang out again but it was really late. So I told him no. But he was very persistent and if he not careful this little magician would have (bleep*bleep*bleep) him up thus the night ended sweetly with my wonderful dreams and peaceful the end.
Now don't upset the dear and beautiful real life Iam me not U42 okay smilies/icon_mrgreen.gifsmilies/icon_smile.gif unless you wish to lose 7 lives