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The Court of Prince Erik VII
Princess Vilhelmina

It is announced from the Princely Palace that the Prince's beloved sister, Princess Vilhelmina, has decided to renounce her princely title and her place in the line of succession due to her pregnancy. The decision was made at her discretion. She would also like to take this moment to thank all of the single mothers who have reached out to her during this trying but joyous time. The Princess's former partner, Craig Steele, has announced he has no plans to marry the Princess nor does he wish to support the child.

Update: It is also announced from the Palace that Prince Erik VII, sovereign Prince of Norgård, has rejected Princess Vilhelmina's plan to renounce her title, style and place in the line of succession. Instead, is creating her Countess Vilhelmina of Norgård, with the style of Excellency and is making the title hereditary. This means any child or children born to her will automatically rank as a count(ess) of Norgård. The move to "demote" her to the rank of countess is actually an homage to the County of Norgård, from which the Princely Family descends.