Prince Wilhelm
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The Court of Prince Erik VII
Princes of the Rose

After the victory of Hákon II at Roskilde, the royal family became known by their symbol: the rose. Thus, children of the ruling prince are automatically born with a "color" and the title "Prince(ss) of the Rose." The child is then tattooed with the color of their rose. Thus, the princely family are all denoted by a rose tattoo on their left arm. The color is chosen at random but generally follows this rule: the females are given a color while the males are given white, black or a shade of gray.

HRH Prince Erik VII
Prince of the White Rose

HH Princess Fredrika
Princess of the Red Rose

HH Princess Henrike
Princess of the Yellow Rose

HH Princess Vilhelmina
Princess of the Blue Rose

HRH Hereditary Prince Knut
Prince of the Black Rose

Upon marriage, the rose tattoo is removed and the prince(ss) simply retains their title: Prince(ss) of Norgård. If certain circumstances are not met, a prince(ss) may lose this title, particularly if they marry without the ruling Prince's consent. It is expected that when Princess Vilhelmina, who recently announced she is with child and is unmarried, that she will lose her titles Princess of the Blue Rose as well as Princess of Norgård. At that time she will become a private citizen and will not be protected as a former princess.