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Megaville new age of heroes!
CCFF:Angelica guild and specials
6 special moves:Angelica Gadget

"Monkey wrench"1
Light:Hits the opponent over head with a giant wrench
Medium:Jumps forward a fair distance and hits opponent with wrench
Heavy:Jumps forward full screen and hits opponent with wrench,unsafe on block,can OTG

"Hand talk"2
Light:Blows the opponent back with a magnetic wave
Medium:throws a magnetic disc at the opponent
Heavy:Blows the opponent back with a magnetic wave,has extremely slow start up

LIght:Places a pole right next to her,zaps the opponent if close
Medium:Places a pole in the center of the stage,zaps the opponent if close
Heavy:sends a metal robot across the floor,zaps the opponent if touched

Light:Makes her spin with flames around her
Medium:Fires a fireball that shoots in a horizontally direction

Can only teleport 3 times before she gets blown up
Light:Teleports her on the other side of the screen
Medium:Teleports her right on top of the opponent
Heavy:Teleports her right in front of the opponent

Makes a metal machine appear
Lights:Makes a metal machine appear right in front of her,zaps opponent when close
Medium:Makes a metal machine appear on the upper middle part of the screen,zaps the opponent when close
Heavy:Makes a metal machine far away,pulls the opponent in when close


Level one "Spreader Cannon"1
Range:Full screen
Hits:40 times
Takes: 2 bars of meter

Level two "S.E.X."2
Range:half screen
Hits:11 times
Takes:4 bars of meter

Level three "Gadget Blast"
Range:Full screen
Hits:100 times
Takes: 3 bars of meter

Guild and tips:
Gadget may not be a fighter,but she never said she was bad at fighting.Angelica is a keep away momentum character.Her whole strategy is to keep the opponent at bay while the momentum of the match follow her pace.Sounds difficult,but with the right setups,you could find yourself winning a match without even getting hit.

Like we said,she is a momentum character based,and even every match she's in she be in either 1 of 2 spots.
Beating people or getting beat,a good way to start the momentum to swing is to use her bread and butter special,"LRIC-3".This is a good way to apply pressure to your opponents without even being close.

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