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Noire Samhain's Journal
Halloween is Every day

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Race: Incubus Demon
Age: ?
Eye color: Bright Red
Hair color: Bright red
Skin color: Light purple.
Blood color: Red, like humans.
Blush color: Red-Violet
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual, like the rest of his race.
Likes: Manga, J-pop, D-pop, K-pop, manga, anime, cute things, music Idols, Japanese food.
Dislikes: Being around a lot of people, his job, loud noises, his boss.
Relationship status: Dating Asmodeus Wood. Notes on their relationship
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 150
Powers: Flight, seductive aura when confident, super strength (though weak for his kind), hormone manipulation.
Relatives: Lilith and Azazel, the first Succubus and Incubus.

A shy demon with a stutter and a denizen of Hell's Lust area. His job is to seduce men and women in their dreams to get DNA that demon scientists use to create more demons.
Very, very shy and awkward. He hasn't had a successful seduction in years and is often harassed by his boss, Asmodeus, over this. Trying to seduce humans seems to make him even more awkward, cancelling out his natural seductive aura.
Tends to stutter when nervous. Fumbles over words. Fanboys (inwardly freaks out) over cute things and Idols. Dreams of a otome game style romance. Acts more confident around Asmodeus, and stops stuttering from that confidence.
He has a few skills from his racial heritage that could be considered attractive for a male to have, not that he uses them a lot. Cooking, cleaning, and handy work.
How I imagine he sounds

Often works at a demon coffee shop to supplement what little he earns in his main job.
Has a stuffed hellhound plush in his room.
Despite his wimpy tendencies, he was never bullied in school.
Finds it easier to try and seduce males. All five of his seductions have been males. This took place over 512 years.
The Fallen Angel of lust, Azaezel Satan, is his adoptive father. Despite his son's lack of sex appeal he is not upset with the boy.
He calls Asmodeus Azzie.
Loves peanut butter despite having a slight allergy to it.
Noire has several titles due to his father's position: The Prince of Lust, The Son of the Scapegoat, Brother of Nephilim, Heir Apparent to the Hell of Lust.
Fetishes: Bondage, feet

Has a pervy side, common to his race.

He doesn't have anything to do with souls.

Hell is not torture to demons who inhabit it. The prison is where punishment happens.

"Seductions" is the term for when Succubi and Incubi take DNA (sperm from a male, eggs from a female) from a human.

Hell is divided into a form of a caste system. While it does not mean one demon is born better because the caste they are in, the caste is what main job they shall take and which Hell they live in.

Hell in Depth

Arch-demons- Hell's royalty. Can be of any caste.
Any demon can take a secondary job, such as shop workers or store owners.

Demons cannot die in the human world. They are simply banished and reappear in their houses. They can only die in Hell.

Holy water and religious objects do not hurt them, that is a rumor.


Noire du Fountaine
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Noire du Fountaine
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