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I don't write daily, just when important things happen.
EDC program!!--edited
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I got a call from my case worker and she says they have a spot for meee!!! heart I've been looking forward to this program and had really given up hope. But omg!! I get to go!!! emotion_jawdrop

It'll be my "college".
It's down in Carbondale(3 hours away) and it basically teaches people like me--special needs, but not super super special needs--to live on their own.
Mom and I went to check it out like two years ago.
The people are all like me. I finally have a group to fit in with!!!!! emotion_kirakira They're all in their 20's and just...wanting to move on in life but just...unable to.
There are all sorts of disabilities. But they all have the WANT for a life of their own. And the ability...we all just need training.
I'm crying now guys. emotion_kirakira

How it works is like this:
I live there for 6 months. I get a roommate. Also a tutor. My tutor is someone who is also in the program, but has been there for 3 or 4 months. They help me get to know how things work, and help me with my issues.
Then after their 6 months are up, they leave. and since I've been there for a good while, I get to mentor someone.
There's classes. In what, I have no idea.
But they'll be helping me to live on my own one day. You know, washing and eating, safety things..maybe a hobby or two, cooking for myself, um...gosh, I don't know. Cleaning....just basic house chores I suppose. Oh, money stuff too, probably. emotion_c8
I may take a driving class. But that really depends on like what my doctor says, I think.

Also, there's no maintenance staff. Everything is done by us. How it works in the kitchen was explained to me. There's four teams of like five people I guess. One team does all the meal planning and cooking for two weeks, and then it goes to another team.
We do all the cleaning and such.
There was also something said about a point system....?? If you do your job, you get a point...something like that. And I guess there's rewards at certain amounts of points.
We go out every day. Monday is laundry day, Tuesday is Walmart....Friday is Movies...I guess it depends on who wants to do what sometimes.
It's really structured and scheduled. And that is totally what I need.
I guess the ultimate goal of this program is to get us to live on our own with little to no help.
The lady in charge brings in her dogs sometimes. So it's very relaxed, but like a college for us. We just need training, that's all.

Apparently, a lot of the graduates decide to live in Carbondale. It's supposedly a very cool place.
Mom can come visit me on weekends, and I can come to visit her. There's a tram somewhere that I can get to.

This is just like college for me and I'm so excited!!! I can't wait to make friends that are like me and play Uno forever.
Oh yea, there's a few rules too. Apparently, no one is allowed to hold hands or anything. I remember she said because that's a slippery slope...so they just have nothing to do with it. But that's inside the building. And that's fine. I can totally live with that. I mean, it's only for 6 months anyway.
I mean, I really don't think they're gonna come down hard on me for hugging a person or something...but..ya know, just watch it with all the kissing and sexy kinda stuff.
And apparently there's no internet anywhere in the building either. I don't know if that's for a reason or not. That one....I'll have issues with, but as soon as I have friends and things to do, I'll be fine. And I bet we go to the library sometimes, so I can use the net then.

I'm just soooooo excited about this! FINALLY! I'll be learning the skills I need!! This is why we haven't moved away yet. I'm so happy!!
It sounds like the absolute perfect program for me, doesn't it??
About the driving program:
mom asked about it, but I still won't be able to drive. Whyyyyy? Because if I ever got in REAL trouble, I'd be ******** and I know it. That applies to everything in life, but ....driving is something I won't be able to do ever. BUT I will take the class so I can see what the problems are and where they lie.
It's very uncomfortable saying, "I can't drive because I never learned." Now I will learn, and know the exact details.

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    Tue Mar 11, 2014 @ 06:30am



    Will miss You though.

    Community Member

    Sat Mar 29, 2014 @ 03:42am

    Yay!!! emotion_hug I am super happy for you! xd

    I posted on your profile, then just read this entry... will miss you bunches, but this is a really great opportunity for you. I hope you have a really good time and that things work out really well for you. smile

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