We stayed silent for a little while, then, suddenly, Inuyasha gave a small pulse. His hair changed color, his claws shortened, and his dog ears disappeared. He opened his eyes and I saw they also had changed color.
“Looks like your mortal now.” I reached up and touched his face right next to his eye.
“Yeah.” His hand came up and clasped mine. We stared into each other’s eyes until we heard a low whistle from the mouth of the cave.
“So you guys finally told each other huh?” I blushed a little at what Sango had said.
“Oh yeah. By the way…thanks Sango.” She looked at me, confused, but obviously faking it.
“For what?” When everyone looked away, she winked at me again. I was goofing off with Shippo when I heard a loud slapping sound. I looked up and saw a pissed off Sango and a Miroku with a face that was starting to have a red handprint.
“What happened?” I whispered to Inuyasha.
“What do you think happened? The monk got a little to touchy feely.” I just shook my head. When would he learn? Although…they would make a good couple…hmm… After that, we all laid down to sleep, considering we all wanted to get out of that cramped cave early tomorrow. I felt Inuyasha’s arms wrap around my waist, and I couldn’t help but think back to that day when we saw Naraku.