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Kloob's Quest for an Angelic Halo
Lol, it's never gonna happen

Why hello there, everybody! As you can probably tell by the title above what this journal entry is about... I am questing for an Angelic Halo! While many people believe it is a piece of junk, but ever since I joined Gaia in 2007 this was an item that I had always wanted and dreamed of having.. and now I'm putting in the time and effort and I'm going to get it one way or another. No matter how long it takes, I WILL get an Angelic Halo!

I'm currently about half way there... assuming that the average buying price of 6 Billion Gold. If I can manage to get one for 4-5B I'd be ecstatic! So far, here is my progress:

2,700,000,000 // I don't even...

Now, I'll mention all the people who have helped me along my way on getting my Halo:
None. Lol @ me.

But that's okay! I like the challenge of getting my Halo without donations!

Anyway, this will be where I update my progress instead of making a quest thread... maybe I'll make a quest thread eventually, but for now, a journal entry will have to work. >smilies/icon_smile.gif