Poor Meme is very unwell, sneezing confetti and glitter everywhere. She assured me it wasn’t contagious but I still didn’t want to get too close. I hope the soup will help.

Today was sports themed, I opted for swim wear as I decided ice skates were utterly impractical.

It occurred to me that I had not yet finalised plans with Doriana. From previous conversations I know her family will not approve of she and I attending tombcoming together.
Her family are traditional pure blood Selkie and they don’t much like half breeds like myself. Doriana assures me it’ll be alright but i’m not convinced.
She claims she doesn’t expect much from me, but Dashner seems adamant this is not true. He tells me ghouls ALWAYS expect a lot, even when they say they don’t.

Why must ghouls be so unclear? Are boos expected to simply read their minds? This sadly is not a power I possess.

I asked Dashner if going to tombcoming as more than friends meant Doriana and I were officially dating but he didn’t seem sure either.
I am not certain I have made the right decision about taking her to tombcoming. I look around at other couples and they seem so happy to spend time together.
Doriana and I are happier apart, time spent with her is awkward and I never know what to say or do. She bewilders me and her obsession with time is so irritating.
For someone so obsessed with time management, she certainly wastes a lot of it flitting about fretting over it.