I sent some buck teeth to a "friend", thinking that he/she might have a pair of wings to go with them. Must not have, because I didn't receive any woohoo's for a new achievement status. Oh well...I will keep a lookout for "wings" and try to win them over with my charm. Go get 'em Grandma!

I am so proud of my meager accomplishments today. I got my bangs cut and am wearing my hair down. Looks more like the real me - natural curl and all. I went shopping for a couple outfits, got my car ready for the rally, spiffed up my house a little, sold/traded/gifted some items, answered some messages in a bottle and tapped the crap out of my aquarium.

Newest additions to the qua-qua are: HankyPanky the Rooster and Cindy the Green Chicken.

I am having a ball all by myself!