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Honestly... the "Be Yourself" is clearly misunderstood.
From my observations, "be yourself" has been a quote overused for a very long time. It has motivated others to keep moving and to, well, be themselves.

Yet for those who take the quote seriously, and believe that others should follow it too, aren't really being themselves in true reality.

"Being yourself" does not mean:

-putting interest into things that the majority of people have interest in
-saying things a certain way others would say it, such as internet/text phrases.
-wearing clothes/articles to match the expectations of others and to impress others.

You could say, that is a list of the exact contrast for "being thyself". In the real world, it is the exact things people do who oblige in using the quote. Which brings us to our conclusion...

"To be yourself, is finding the unique qualities within you that no one else has or will ever have, even if it means others find you completely perpendicular to society." - Jacob 2014. Hella.

If you find yourself looking, feeling, or talking like others, then maybe you should just realize that "being yourself" isn't your thing, and that herd conformity is most important to you.