Ummm, haii my kawaii fellow gaians. ~ heart

My name is Zizi, and you probably can't pronounce that correctly, so just call me Bunny! c:

I guess I'll start by letting you all know a bit about myself.

This is me:
User Image

I am:
-naturally brunette

My birthday is June 17, 1997 (This coming birthday will be my golden! : D )

I love:
-short stories
-literature in general
-helping others
-my boyfriend (IRL: Dakota, his username is : jevrin norscow)
-my family
-loving everyone
-people who are nice to me
-Ben & Jerry's Half Baked

I dislike:
-when people hate on mermaids
-vanilla ice cream
-when my mouse (Snow) gets out of his cage and runs rampant around my room

I plan to:
-go to Stanford University, California
-major in Psychology
-become a therapist
-live in either California or Georgia (I like heat o W o )
-have my own anthology published
-have children (preferably 2 or 3)

If you're nice to me, I'm nice back! If you're rude to me, I'm probably still going to be nice. Heehee, I don't believe in being rude for any reason and I refuse to hate or dislike anyone for any reason. Love is the only way I can help others!