Sophie Slaer
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High School Love
It's my first day back at school but this time I'm a junior. My best friend Sirena and Angela are getting caught up by their same rusty green lockers. When I was approaching my friends something caught my eye, something that was out of place but it turns out it wasn't something it was someone! Matty Mickebacken was looking hotter than ever. I stared directly at him for nearly three whole minutes 'til someone spilt their lunch all over my new yellow flower dress. This time I wasn't invisible, everyone stared at me and my face turned redder than a strawberry. When I rushed into the bathroom I looked back once and saw Matty was not only staring but he was following me. I was stunned at the fact that he came and talked to me. Matty asked many times if I was ok but really I was confused, confused at the fact that Matty came and asked me if I was ok. smilies/icon_heart.gif smilies/icon_heart.gif

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