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The Court of Prince Erik VII
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The style of "His/Her Royal Highness" is reserved for those with titles recognized by the princely constitution. Those who are granted the style are:

● The Prince
● The Princess (a title not currently used as the Prince is unmarried)
● The Hereditary Prince
● The Hereditary Princess (a title not currently used as the Hereditary Prince is unmarried)
● The Princess Dowager (as the former Princess)


The style of "His/Her Highness" is a style given to princes and princesses of the blood whose position is never mentioned in the princely constitution. Any relative of the Prince who isn't the heir to the throne, with the exception of the Prince and Hereditary Prince's spouses, is automatically given the style of "Highness." At present, those with the style are the Prince's sisters. They are:

● Princess Fredrika
● Princess Henrike
● Princess Vilhelmina


The style of "His/Her Excellency" is a style given to any prince or princess who marries without the Prince's consent. It is an hereditary style which passes to children born to the couple. Along with the style comes the lesser rank of "Count" or "Countess" and use of the dynastic name "Norrbotten." Thus, the Prince's uncle and cousins fall into this category. They are:

● Count Jón Norrbotten, the Prince's uncle
● Countess Jóna Norrbotten, the Prince's cousin
● Count Jón-Hákon Norrbotten, the Prince's cousin