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My Journal of Stuff. :']
Avatar Art for me.
All the avatar art I receive, from newest to oldest.
Thank you.<3

by Dreamer_of_Souls
by Eren Jaegerbomb
by Mihobu Yukie
by Bitr Lunatic

by Itadakii
by XFaded_WolfX
by The Sketch Anon
by peeping thomas
by spoonicorn
by Seraix
by Kitzukami
by - Il T y l e r lI -
by Symbiotic Alchemy
by aleceil
by XxDarkestxXxAngelxX
by Meep Chan
by Pandiii-hime
by swirlcone
by based kawaii
by TeaCups and TopHats
by -o-Syringes-o-
by ToxicRainbowCupcake
by ForeverRainbow
by FrostyPeaches
by 0ct
by Gemma Genet
by iThetis
by Bokiii
by Tsirlips
by The Molester
by XooScattered_Perfectionss
by XooScattered_Perfectionss
by Unwritten Text
by Silly little child
by S P A I N
by Cooking Kurry
by Starlett557
by Kitzukami

by My Doctor
by Starlett557
by MilkTeaOTL
by jessi_angel94_2
by Unwritten Text
by Starlett557
bu 0ct
by FrostyPeaches
by My Pet Werewolf
by PinkevilBob
by XxXAi-ChanXxX
by Xaephiris
by Scarredshadows
by VeeDrm
by Cailean Seath
by teddehguru
by Honey Golden Roses
by Rummie
by Trouser Kiss
by N0TZY
by Prince Kirby
by 0ct
by 0ct
by 0ct
by Cattilac
by Coin Operated Graverobber
by [cream cheese]
and by 0ct again!
by 0ct
by 0ct
by 0ct
by 0ct
by 0ct
by Keessa
by Manchild xD
by 0ct
by Anqwel
by 0ct
by Japanese_Emina
by Senti-du-Bon
by SuperSnazz
and 0ct
by 0ct
by bubbzyBOOM
by l-The Baby Eater-l
by 0ct
by spring3772
by O s a k a
by 0ct
by Lamprey
by -Murderous_Lover-
by Karuka
by 0ct
by 0ct
by Kaliscopic Kindal
by Mr Retrosaurus
by Prismatic Colours
by 0ct
by Nou
by 0ct
by kimidori
by 0ct
by Melia Bethel
by classictantrums
by 0ct~
by Cantarella Borgia
by 0ct
by Stingie
by Spiiral Hiime
by Candy_Note
by 0ct
by Medicated Kisses
by BubbleDiaries
by 0ct
by Contains Sexual Content
by i-Blueranger-i
by ShowboxWarrior
by Dark-Duchess
by Magical Squirrel
by Toxic Trix
by DashDotDotDash
by Repo-McNinja-Lunar
0ct once again
by 0ct
by Phantom Pocky
by 0ct
by l2 a d i o a c t i v e
by momochime
by 0ct agaiiiin
by 0ct again
by 0ct
by CareFreeBuzzard
by Karnella
by Rhythmn
by spring377
by redmingum
by Histy
by xxkierstenxx
by TooStoned
by NothingGold again
by NothingGold
by ii p s y c h e
by 0ct :]
by -Ironnii
by We Could Be Heroes
by 2+2=fish
by 0ct
by NeopolitanFerret
by Toxic Dinosaur
by Mariella-san
by S y m p a t h i aRequiem. So sexy. ;D
by Arthur Currie
by Rabbit-Tan
Switzerland and me IRL! :DD By Stingie
by General Smexy
by Teh Iced Sugar Cookie
by iiLindaRawr x3
by ultra_cute5
by 0ct
by 0ct
by C h a o t i c W a s t e
by Tea Time Massacre
by Ivalice
by II-Paper-Moon-II
by OverThinkingIt
by iLor x Morphine
by GldnGirl634
by Xrandomly-emoX
by organicpear
by Cest la Cocoa--
by Danyxs
by Policie
by Zutara
by `Kyoca
by |.Anorexic.Cheesecake.|
by 0ct
by 0ct x]
aaannnd again
and again
by 0ct again
by 0ct
by kairi09
by M0D the ERR0R
by Panda_Roo
by Recycle That Roadkill
by coco_puffles
by Kuratashi
by TuRoRo!!
by Michiyo_Fujiwara
by Angelique Syndrome
by Teddy. :3
by i am uffie
by Bootchu
by c^^oi)
by Oni-Sasu
by Teddy, again!
by GDs Anderson Cooper
by Aishra
by Le Doodle
by Teddy!
by [pepper-mint]
by szulikk
by Viciously Yours
by Candie Rain
by Miinuss
by melting_snowflake14
by RoyalAzureStone
by Teddy
by Salad Bits
by [_Moonless_]
by F i z z y R a e
by artcanvas
by c h i r p _ x
by Fights Bears Naked
by LonelyChica
by EvaKitsuneLuver
by Teddy [Our avatars in disguise~ 8D]
by WildRedTiger
by N a o
by Go Pikachu
by Ly30n_L0v3
by Freya_Mitsumi
by Teddy
by xDevils God
by Psiren Dear
by KannibalKaulitz
by Skine Zombie
by Nicos Smex Kitten
by chickenruler
by imandiepandie
by Aquas
by Happy
by killer crayon
by Rejazz
by I_Kobalt_I
by Foxumon
by M a t t i 3
by Pnk_Panda_3
by chibixhinatax07
by MetalliciaN again
by Alutaps
by tanpopo33
by doomwizards
by C r a n k i i e
by Chibi_Bunnie
by lolikaba
by MetalliciaN
by Neko Teddy
by Total-Bishie
by Teddy xD
by FRiiED
by Tigla Kayta
by -hugging dino-
by Teddy
by Teddy~
by Teddy
by Teddy again
by KoKitsuneMimi
by IC3D-COFF33
by guardiandevil
by o0o-Starved-of-Oxygen-o0o
by TheDrkAlchemist
by Tsukita-chan
And Teddy again
by teddehguru
by Loven Peace
by Athair
by Kimishima_link
by teddehguru again
by teddehguru
and more from Melody
some more by -Sunlight Melody-
by wishLIFE
by Sexual Llama
by xTaintedRedx
and more
more from Moonless
by iPengy
by Angellic Excuse
by Kasg
by [_Moonless_] again
by [_Moonless_]
by Yuki Sairu
by you look tastyy
by xx b o o m
by Toxic doughnut
by tigica
by Tiaroi
by The Nightcalling
by Terse
by Spifferz
by smoothie2951
by SiSter-Morphine
by Simply Priceless
by serenityxo
by seduction curieuse again
by seduction curieuse
by Riceycake
by Rainbows R Purple
by Mayette
by mahldade again
by mahldade
by Lady Stamos
by Khristallyn
by Kesshou-rin
by Kattara
by joker panic
by ittymarshmallow
by Fun289
by Fukisarashi
by FlowerHose again
by FlowerHose
by Fire glow
by Evil Quacker
by Eve Von Blood
by envieous
by Dracosilverwolf
by desunoto
by Dean the Bard
by Steffaluffakiss
by darkfireblast
by CongBi
by anxiousteacup
by anime_manga_fan
by Tree of Song
by Angel-sky2006 [Me as a lady. Cx]
by AlwaysAverage again
by AlwaysAverage
by Akisu Rai
by Akane1412
by [SuGaR-N-Spice] again
by [SuGaR-N-Spice]
by [apple-jacks]
by [.The.Flying.Potato.]
by -Sunlight Melody- again
by -Sunlight Melody-
by Slightly Eccentric
by DXSciz
by skankosaur
by [Krez]
by sailormercury1
by MireilleOneechan
by Sophie is a Ninja
by violentdesire
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.by x[ m y s t i c ]x
by cheesemaster533
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.by sukiyaki star
by -aquaticandy-
by BleakWolf
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.by carolyaza
by Koneko Koji
by Railas
by Iceh2o
by Majyou
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.by midnight_black589
by nara_narshmellow
by PyroCupcake
by verralidainesarrasri
by -_-Cutie Goth Girl-_-
by illegal pocky
by Donation4You
by pinkcrispy
by nescia
by Tundra711
by Kinkbox Killer
by Ecliipse
by rockstar
by ElizaLena
by angel_serenity23
by Mellinia
by Fire glow
by [-Sabaku.No.Carly-]
by Loveless_Ritsuka_Aoyagi
by Loveless_Loser_Face
by Akane Darkheart
by Lilith the Ill
by Sillei
by banana560
by TananJyoto
by Smexy no jitsu
by Mad Nurse
by pyrogothem
by CANDii BUNNii3
by Harishio
by Casandralina
by pocket god
by c h a n g l e s
by c h a n g l e s
by Jamatoo

Kiwi Flavoured Bubbles
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Kiwi Flavoured Bubbles
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    you kept all of them!?
    so nice! smilies/icon_redface.gif

    comment 0ct · Community Member · Thu Aug 14, 2014 @ 05:42am
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