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The Court of Prince Erik VII
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In the Court of Prince Erik VII, as has been the case with every sovereign who came before him, the ruling prince takes the ordinal number corresponding with the number of his rule. Thus, the second prince takes the corresponding ordinal of "II." This means that although there have been two Prince Jóns, the regnal numbers of these two princes are I and VI rather than I and II as in most other monarchies.

Because of the confusion for anyone studying the history of the principality, it has been suggested that the use of ordinals either be abolished or the tradition updated to match other monarchies. Thus, the two Prince Jóns would become either Jón-Erik and Jón-Hákon or Jón I and Jón II. Below is a list of all the rulers of the principality, in order from beginning to the current prince.

Jón I
Hákon II
Fredrik III
Henrik IV
Erik V
Jón VI
Erik VII