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catch me
i never thought again i would have a guy actually pull me towards him to make my heart want to explode. i never thought tat every time I'm walking on the sidewalk when i trip you would put your arms around my waist and pull me towards you. How my heart wants to explode every time. When you fall back i never thought he would pull me on top of him just joking around and saying i love you when I'm like omg are you okay and i think ii hit my knee against your leg hard. Even though you didn't care you pulled me in for a kiss. How romantic can this guy get. i love being pulled towards his body i love hearing his heart when we watch a movie. I never thought i would pour my heart out again like this. But I'm so in love that i pretend to be like I'm a bad a** girl but he knows how to kick me out of it and get me to go lovey dovey over him. he sees though everything and even when i say something stupid he ignores it and says hey babe let go watch a movie in your room for a bit before we head out to a restaurant. Than later he brings it up as a joke and says remember when you said that to me and i just ignored you. Or when i pulled the "lets break up card" He did tell me to stop but i couldn't cause i had really bad habits and i told him I'm not use to long relationship with no breaks. He told me "Princess you can say lets break up a million times to me and i know what you been though in the last relationship but my world can not be complete without you in it." He tells me that every time and i did stop pulling that card cause i knew what he would say. I just learn to love him so much. I told him "thank you for dealing with a girl like me. I'm not an easy girl to love I'm one of the hardest girls out there to date." the truth is we do play fight a lot and i do lose a lot but it's fun cause he knows how to trip me each time for me to fall on my back.But i won't forget this one time he brought me a ring a promise ring which of cost it's not real. But he came to my house and took it out and said "princess this isn't a wedding ring or anything like that so you can get that out of your mind" I was like...uh okay than what is that? he a smart a** and says " its a Ring of course" i was like wow. Anyway he says it's a promise ring that I'll get a real one one day and to wait. Of course i wear it once in awhile not all the time since I'm not use to wear rings and hes fine with that. All i know is that I am happy with the love of my life now and cant wait for my life to be with him. Nothing can change that I love how he is so romantic by surprising me a lot. He knows how to keep the relationship interesting every time. smilies/icon_heart.gifsmilies/icon_heart.gifsmilies/icon_heart.gifsmilies/icon_heart.gifsmilies/icon_heart.gif

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