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Diabetes, Death, shitty month.
Earlier this month, I saw a doctor about a possible enlarged thyroid. I received my bloodwork two days ago, and it turns out my AIC was 8.2 and I have type 2 diabetes. Thankfully I do not have to take shots, but I have to take Metaformin and eat a VERY low-carb diet. I'm finally learning how much we Americans overeat!

A couple of months ago, my friend had heart failure associated with a heart condition he was born with. He had 60 lbs of water in his stomach and legs and was in and out of the hospital, unable to walk. He finally got a heart transplant a little bit ago, and he was doing well in recovery, but I just learned he died this morning.

A few months ago I lost my uncle because of a blood clot to the heart.

It's been a shitty 2014 so far.