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Character biographies!
- His name is Venice. Doesn't give out his surname because only the school he's at can know that stuff. He's not one to tell people more than his first name.
- Seventeen, still in education. Turns up frequently.
- Completely gay. Not afraid to admit that either.
- Pink hair with a green streak in it - short but fluffy, often ends up sticking up in places. Falls around his cheeks like. Uh. How do I explain it? Feathering? Idek man but yeah it tucks in around his face half of the time.
- Pinkish eyes, too.
- Has a pierced lip (a lip ring), two rings on the top of both ears, one stud in his left earlobe and two piercings at the end of his left eyebrow.
- Has a bit of a reputation as a typical juvenile delinquent though he's not really like that.
- Gets into fights a loooot. A lot a lot. A lot. So he's usually bruised and cut and it's not unusual to see his hands bleeding.
- But he fights for the right reasons. If someone needs his help, he'll give it. He'll cover for anyone if they look like they need the coverage. Will take a blow to protect a stranger.
- Easily pissed off by people who think they have a right to do whatever they please.
- Will freely speak his mind if he thinks it's the right thing to do and can come across a bit blunt in most cases.
- A little dense. He hasn't experienced love before so he has no idea what it is really, and he won't know if someone's making suggestive remarks. He also doesn't catch his own innuendos if he makes them, which isn't often.

- Upbeat and mostly cheerful when he isn't annoyed by something.
- Excels in Physical Education. His weakness is Geography. You could give him a map of all of the isles in a major store and he would still go down the milk isle when he's looking for fruit.
- His speech isn't formal at all. If you think about how some guys in Essex, England speak and don't pronounce words properly, then it's a bit like that.

- Venice doesn't know who his father is but he lives with his mother.
- Who he doesn't get along with.
- At all.
- They tolerate each other, but the reason why he turned to fighting people was 'cause of her. And he won't talk about it.
- So if she comes home and someone like a friend of his is over, they'll both completely ignore each other and not care about what the other is doing.
- Unemployed.
- Only child.
- His mom really hates him. Like really really hates him. But he doesn't know why.
- There will be shouting between them if things get too out of hand and he will often end up running off to go and find some lame ******** to take his anger out on.
- Doesn't cry in front of people he likes, and often keeps up his cheerful personality when things get bad.

- 165cm tall, slim figure though he does have some muscles from his P.E. and fighting. Kind of gained them over the years.

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