Name: Melanie
Gender: Female
Race: Fox demon
Age: 15
Appearance: (Normal) Long green hair; hazel eyes (Demon) Long silver hair; red eyes
Special Power: Time control
Personality: Normally doesn't talk to anyone except for her family and best friend Lin and has an obnoxious attitude towards humans
History: When Melanie was three years old, scientists consisting of both demons and humans kidnapped her and took her to a dark alley. There, a secret lab was created in order to cover that they were using illegal drugs. These drugs weren't like everyday drugs though; they were artificial drugs created by deadly substances that could give anyone and anything incredible powers. Melanie happened to be one of the test subjects for the experiment along with other kids of all ages. Many kids died as their body rejected the drugs. Soon it was Melanie's turn and she prayed for the last time. Surprisingly, when the drugs were injected, she was one of the few as her body was charged with power. As soon as the drugs were in her, the scientists gave Melanie a concoction that erases memories of the recent event. The only thing that stood in the way was her power, which turned out to be the power to control time. Due to that fact, her power was strong enough to keep one recent memory within Melanie: her powers. No other memories are thought of as she arrives safely back home. However, the fact that she has the power of time control has haunted Melanie and sometimes is shown by accident as she grows up. Anyone who happens to see her tattoo or her powers fears of her which made being social difficult. It was also when she came to hate demons and especially humans because of her powers. Since then, her only friend is Kim from school and gives the cold shoulder to almost everyone (excluding her family.) [Credits to the MS series Team X for giving me the idea for this character. Credits to the picture itself. I haven't done a journal entry for months so this was exciting biggrin ]