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ok well this one is gonna be me ranting if u dont like it leave.

Why r u afraid to look at me in my eyes and not lie? why r u like every other a** hole?
you said you were diffrent, and i belived u but then u go around to ppl saying s**t that isnt even real so like are we in ELEMENTY SCHOOL really calm down.......Ok ok im geting alittle over board i should probly explain who im talking about first. ok well this guy was my best friend ended up liking me and asking me out and at first i freaked out cuz i never dated before . so then i told him yes. and he kisses me so yea.. um then after a month or so he ended up droping hints that he was cheating on me so i finally caught on and broke up with him..... then he tries to act like the victum..... and now 3 years down the road you tell every one i slept with u and u paid me to really? wow ur an a** but yea of course cuz hes the popular guy every one believes him even my best friend really... wow.......