_Across The Bridge_
Left to wander
In the eye of every storm.
I can see you burn
Across the bridge.
There is no river to take me home.
I take shelter in my solace.

_Paper Firefly_
Ingesting sweet cancer
In the pre-storm air.
Loosing my self
In the ecstasy of a foreign tongue
Incomprehensible to me.
A beautiful noise
In the quiet ambience of night.
The love may be false
But it comforts me
In the light of the paper firefly.

_Gray-scale Sky_
Good morning gray-scale sky.
Cover me like a broken ceiling.
Protect me from nothing.
I want feel the rain
Hissing as it hits the ground.
And though the black pools ripple,
The reflection remains unbroken.
Our dying world mirrored
In dirty water.
I find peace in your violence.
In the roar of your cries
And the hush of your tears.
But now everything grows dark.
All things are black, save you.

_Cacophony Of Thoughts_
Now approaching midnight.
Spiders steal across my body,
Carried in by the breeze
Through an open window
Resting in my shadow.
Nesting deep within my chest
The pressure builds.
Hear the angel's cry,
Amplified in my emptiness.
Eyes fixated on the
Vacuous black before them.
My heart fissures and I fall into myself.
The cacophony of thought peaks.
Sleep brings false peace.

_Through Me_
Enter me and surrender thought,
Forsake control, and know my hopelessness.
Like a puppet with no strings,
You dance in the dark alone.
Lost with no northern star.
Writhing in blackness suffering,
Violent convulsions of spirit
Coaxed by some unknown devil.
Pained by the angst of ignorance
Continue to walk the road,
Though the world is all shadows.