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The Hideaway No promises as to frequency or substance but there will be some updates here and there.

Miszuki Rei
Community Member
Update from the "front"...
So it's be an incredibly long time since I even looked at this journal. Back in high school the theory was that I would use it as the RPG plat form to work out the back stories of a YYH character I affectionately called the Shadow Fox. Essentially a female equivalent (not version) of Yoko Kurama. Beyond the fact that they were both kitsune yokai and thieves - in the broad sense - that was all they had in common. She didn't exist because I was fond of Kurama, she existed because I got bored in class one day. Yes, that happened - frequently. The advanced English class was too analytical for my tastes and I'd read 90% of the material in my regular English classes.

Since then I've started working on a purely original work of fiction. One day I'll finish it, that's the plan at any rate. I'm running into serious writers block and have had to go back and re-plan various chapters and arcs within my story to get around it. Hopefully I'll be able to sit down for more than a few minutes and hammer out a couple chapters that I can stomach. That's for another time thought.

This entry is just a generic update on life and the universe as we know it. Hah.

I've since graduated college with my BA (4-years past) and am working on actually figuring out what it means to be an adult and college graduate. Kick and clawed my way out of an abusive relationship and ended up with the most wonderful person. Someone I never actually dreamed I might end up with - based on my past choices in partners. But my s/o is...well..when I call him my partner I genuinely mean it. All definitions of that word apply. We compliment each other and I think our respective BFFs breathed a sigh of relief and gave each other High-5s when I admitted to him how I felt (loooooong story, also another time if ever). I've worked a whole bunch of NOT Archaeology related jobs and am waiting with bated breath to see if this one I applied for comes through 110%. Speed of government. This newest and hopefully permanent gig is one that at least falls on the periphery of what I want to do.

And there's Gaia. I don't do much on here. Hell, the primary reason I joined in High School was because my friends who participated in text-based RPG threads said that this was the place to be. I miss that. Can't find any I'm particularly interested in at this point. Part of me wants to develop my Avatar as "her own" character and part of me is still fine using this account to fill the place of various fan-based characters.

The big stories lines I'm hooked on (outside of Marvel and DC comics) are still Sailor Moon, Ronin Warriors, Yu Yu Hakusho, all things Tolkien, Star Wars, and Star Trek. I'll be the first to admit that I've combined a couple different universes to make things more interesting when I bother to write fan fiction - though that's now more of a stress relief tool for work.

Well..that's about where things lie. I'm still in the States, haven't managed to extricate myself from here permanently - though I did spend a month is Israel and that was fantastic. I'm actually seriously doubting that leaving this country for good is in the cards. So long as it doesn't go completely to hell - I know, it seems really close doesn't it.

And my roommate is very loud with his XBox Live COD'ing...

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