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A "Mule"
What is a Mule?
A mule is the secondary character to a user whom has more then 1 account. Users tend to have a few as 1 and as many as they wish to keep control of in a set. Users may use these "mules" for many things such as cosplay characters, and much more.

What are mules used for?
Mules tend to be used for being set to a name in which a user wishes not to give up to another. Mules also tend to be used to collect items such as trash,game items,hording event items, and other many of things. Mules sometimes are also used to collect gold for a charity or quest for the main character of said user. Mules are also used sometimes for just plan being there for a mascot for said user or just to have just in case something bad happened to said user.

[Why have a mule?[/u]
If you read the paragraph above, mules are very useful for all aspects of Gaia and it's many features. You don't need a mule if you really do not want one, but they are handy if you do wish to have one on the side! Sure mules may seem useless at first,once you start into the world of Gaia you may think of having another character. Mules are great for many of things of Gaia and they are great for choosing a different sex then you have as you're main character.

I hope this helped you out in finding out the world of Gaia.