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Found this on someone's profile. It wasn't dreadfully clever, or brilliant, but it was cute, so I thought I'd keep it... Note: I trow they mean to say obsessed or hard-core warriors fans when they simply write "Warriors Fans."

Regular People: Are scared of the boogie man.
Warriors Fans: Are scared of Tigerstar. (I am not, by the way. I am more frightened of Scourge than I am of TigerCLAW--I have to remember the right to bear -star was stripped from him. Tigerclaw was predictable. Scourge had a mind of his own.)

Regular People: Go to the Refrigerator.
Warriors Fans: Go to the Fresh-kill pile.

Regular People: Go to the grocery to store to get food
Warrior Fans: Hunt for their food.

Regular People: Would avoid fights.
Warrior Fans: Would beat the life out the challenger. (See what happens when you train people to do what they believe they cannot?)

Regular People: Are scared of thunder storms. (I happen to like them, thank you very much!)
Warrior Fans: Thunder storms remind them of ThunderClan. (This is the most normal listing, in my opinion. 'Course, who wants to be normal anymore?)

Regular People: Go to the doctor.
Warrior fans: Ask Spottedleaf to help them. (Good luck with that.)

(And here is where I cease to format it nicely and neatly...)

Regular People- Say idiot, dummy, and jerk.
Warrior Fans- Say Mousedung, Foxdung, and Mousebrain. (I bet that gets you a lot of stares.)

Regular People- Say Kittens
Warrior Fans- Say Kits. (Same diff.)

Regular People- Spend time making up nicknames for their friends
Warrior Fans- Already have names for their friends

Regular People- Call friends by their names
Warrior Fans- Call friends by their Warrior name

Regular People- Believe in God
Warrior Fans- Believe in StarClan