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Quizes and other fun
here some fun quiz results and such from both my character her good side and her bad side, i will make 2 entries for those and labeled Dark and the other labeled Light
Introductions and explanations

Me: Hello Hello everyone, before i place any quiz results and other fun stuff, let me tell you i separated my oc her light and dark side just for this occasion, so do not be confused or anything, the light side prefers to be called Chris she is not so formal and loves to be on a friendly note,she lets those she sees as friends use the short cut Chris instead of her full name.....also only those who wish her darker side to be in control use her full name crystal....i hope this explains a little.....anyways why do you not introduce yourself a bit..?


Chris: sounds like a great idea, hello everyone, as my creator just explained, i use the name Chris so feel free to call me that please, it is a pleasure to meet you reader-Chan -gives a friendly smile- a little about myself then, well as you can guess from what my creator told you, i am the light side of well myself....awkward to say but true, my element is fire, and i have a kind, caring and loving personality, i enjoy spending time with others and make new friends, also i am very curious about the quiz results i can hardly wait! that is about it.....ill give the word to....crystal now...- a bit reluctant- t..try to be a bit polite okay, we do not want to make a wrong impression now....

Crystal: when did you became my mother?.....anyways, just call me crystal, use a short cut on me like she wants people to use on her, and i might leave a bruise as impression...

Chris: H..hey now no need to get violent! -looks embarrassed-

me: before we go at each others throat shall we just finish this talk then i can put you two together again and we can leave the tension in the past!
Crystal: yeah yeah sure...as i said just crystal and nothing else got it?....anyways i am the darker side of my creator her....well creation...makes me wonder if she has one herself -smirks- compared to my opposite i hold more darker desires..i rather fight first then talk....or not talk at all, depends on who crosses me, you know lets make this a bit more interesting....once we both did our part of the quizzes....lets see how it goes when we are together again...maybe we could check out what side she leans towards most..
Me: i..i don't know....that means i will be revealing more of myself too, since i based the personality much on my own....yes including you crystal....yet i am not as sadistic as you are...well it does sound interesting...why not it sounds like fun....lets go for it...okay people if you have any questions for either me, Chris or crystal...just comment and i will see if i can give an answer...also have any fun quizzes you have seen online don't be afraid to pm me a link or place it in a comment...lets get this started!!

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  • 03/02/14 to 02/23/14 (2)
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