Little Meng
Community Member
February 23, 2014
So I'm not really sure how to start this out, I'm not much of a writer. But I guess I'll start out by saying I was playing in clutch this morning. And it was just STRANGE. There were these random wolf avatars chasing a poor cake around the saw mill lol. But it took forever to get a crew all together, and when I finally put one together, someone get s the bright idea to start before everyone is even in the mill. Geez, I know people are new, but seriously? >.> But anyways, the mill was same as it was every day. Gold farming was pretty good and the orbs were plentiful. Then after a few rounds, this poor girl gets dog piled by half the guys in my crew, no joke. So I have to re-start the mill to get them off of her. It was pretty embarrassing lmao. After a few more rounds I logged out to give myself a break and logged back in to check for a DMS crew. And like usually, the place is beyond dead with just one other person there. At least he was cool enough to let me join it. It took three hours just to put a crew together, and we still died because we didn’t have a tank. Lesson learned; make more level 11.0 friends lmao. Although we died, I still got quite a few orbs and even made a friend for later crews. So all in all, it was a great day in zOMG. smilies/icon_heart.gif