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I hereby deem you unworthy!
Okay, so in the Goblet of Fire movie (I am uncertain if it is written this way in the books and unfortunately I don't have one to check) Hermione is asked why the Unforgivable curses are called unforgivable, "Because they are unforgivable," seems like a rather obvious statement. Couldn't she have explained why they were unforgivable? It seems in that moment, she failed to live up to Hermione standards by stating a rather obvious fact instead of giving the proper textbook definition/reason. Yes, she is a brilliant witch, but that one moment seems so very out of place for her. If that is how Rowling wrote the scene then I am severely disappointed in her for giving such a basic explanation for something so treacherous as Unforgivable curses. However, the movie over all is still one of my favorites as is the book. So, yeah.

K thnx bye.