Gosh, I haven't been on Gaia in years.

Anyway. Yesterday I purchased a new laptop! It's the Chromebook C720. It has a tiny screen (11.6 inches) but it will do. I really hope there's a reliable pixel art app in the chromestore because I'd really love to open a new art shop on here! I came across some old art I used to sell back when I was in middle school and it was laughable. Even more so because people bought it. Granted, it was only about 5-10k, but still. It was poorly drawn avatars, and on top of that it was taken with a poor camera in poor lighting. Atrocious. Oops, got a little off topic, this is the first thing I've purchased with my hard earned money and I'm very ecstatic about this! It should be here by next Friday and I'm super excited! Next up: 3DS. I. Must. Play. Animal. Crossing. I miss it a lot. I have the first game for my DS, but my DS is so old and beat up. I've also done as much as I could to be more than content on that game -- so there's not much left to discover or to do!

In other news, I would love to add cute things to my posts and rearrange my profile but I'm going to have to re-learn BB Code which kind of blows. Every URL I try whether it be from tinypic, photobucket, tumblr, or imgur, doesn't work! ;__; Gaia really hasn't changed much at all, other than the obvious greed which is disappointing.

Maybe I'll make this my main blog considering I have at least four blogs, two journal apps, and a real life journal... yeah, it's a little out of control. I'll try to stick with this, though (I just really like writing, okay! ;__ wink .