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Random Album of the Day Recaps
This is a post regarding my various recommendations to albums that I enjoy. They'll be posted here as an archive. Just a warning, these are posted on the ooc thread of my RP so you can check out the albums but if you want to comment on the music, please do it here. Unless you're also a participant on the RP of course.

Edan\'s Beauty and the Beat
J. Dilla\'s Donuts
Portishead\'s self titled album
Flying Lotus\'s Los Angeles
Amon Tobin\'s SuperModified
Madvillain\'s Madvillainy
Massive Attack\'s Mezzanine
My Bloody Valentine\'s Loveless
MRR-ADM\'s Untitled 10" Album
Daedelus\'s Righteous Fists of Harmony
Madlib\'s Shades of Blue
Madlib\'s Beat Konducta Series
Madlib Remix Playlist
Quasimoto Introduction
A Top 20 list of essential Madlib listens