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Various Side Stories
I'm going to use this to make stories that explain if I have a new outfit or I become a demon or something like that. Sometimes I'll just write stories with myself and friends for fun. If you want to be in the story(friends) Pm giving me consent.
Side story #1: New Demon Form

As Happy walked around towns, her red eyes were scanning for any sign of her friends or family. Her father was away at the moment and everyone else seemed to be gone. She thought about chatting with her new step-sister, but she decided not to. While walking around she spotted something that shimmered stuck in a tree, and with nothing better to do she decided to retrieve it.
Taking off her shoes she began to scale up the tree, using her small body to wind and weave through the many branches. As Happy got two-thirds the way up she again caught sight of the shimmering object, and upon closer inspection she discovered it was a mask. She perched herself on the branch that held the mask and leaned forward gently picking it up. The mask had a simple design, black that lightened as it got towards the bottom, with an orange face. The orange swirly circles she assumed were the eyes and the little dotted line was a smile.
Happy thought the mask was pretty neat and she wanted to try it on. As it got closer to her face, her fathers words echoed in her head and she drifted into a flash back.
It was a spring day in towns, and her father, Slade, told Happy he would train her. They were having lunch when he started lecturing her about exercising caution when alone.
" Don't ever touch something you find on the ground, you don't know what hideous mutation might happen, got that?" Slade cautioned sternly.
" Yes, yes I understand dad, i'm smarter than that," Happy continued after she took a bite of her candy bar, " I would tell you about it first,".
Pulling back from her day dreaming, Happy pulled the mask away from her face. She really thought it was cool, but she had to wait till her father or her fathers friend, Mizary was on. Mizary was like a best friend and an Uncle all mixed into one. He had many forms due to an incident that happen a long time ago. As bad as she wanted to obey her father's word, she felt a strange attraction to this mask, like it was calling her name.
Happy decided to make a list of pros and cons of putting on the mask, and decided the pros weighed out the cons. With her usual recklessness she through caution into the wind and put the mask to her face. She had to hold it in place because there were no strings to put it around her small head. After what seemed like a minute passed she took the mask off of her face and looked at it. Somewhere in her heart she wanted something interesting to happen, but it seemed this was just a silly mask some kid probably dropped.
When Happy gave up hope, she began to climb down the tree, holding the mask in her teeth. As she was climbing down one of the branches broke, and she fell on her back. She gasped heavily from having the wind knocked out of her, the mask she let go during the fall fell near her chest. As Happy lie on the ground trying to catch her breath, she didn't notice the mask start to glow. The mask slowly started to melt unto the part of her dress that showed skin. As it went into her skin, she looked up and began to panic.
Oh crap, oh crap what's happening to the mask?! She thought as she watched the mask melt. Just as Happy was going to make a grab for the mask, she realized she couldn't move her body. As hard as she tried her attempts to move her arms were to no avail. Happy was actually quite surprised that it didn't hurt her, it just felt very queer. When the last of the mask finished melting into her skin she tried to move, but still couldn't. Then Happy felt a burst of pain from her head. She cried out in pain, squeezing her eyes shut. Her body arched up as she felt two large tumor like things sprout from her head. She could feel the blood seep down and coat her strawberry blonde hair.
When the pain was finally over, she successfully sat up. Her arms felt really numb, but she managed to raise her right arm and feel her head. What she felt was not a tumor, but a horn. She raised her left arm and felt the other side and it was the same. She had sprouted horns. Happy got out her compact and looked in the tiny mirror at the horns. They were a pretty gold color, they kinda reminded her of ram horns. When she done looking at the horns she focused on her face.
Happy cried out in surprise, the mask appeared on her face. She felt the mask and tried to pry it off, but it only hurt. After what seemed like hours trying to pull off the mask, she slumped over. She felt absolutely miserable, she disobeyed her father by messing with the mask, her head still was sore, and her hair was caked with her own blood. Happy decided it would be best to contact her father and hope for the best that he was around. She got out her phone and sent him a message describing the situation. He instantly replied back instructing her to go to the hangout and meet him there. As she shakily stood up she got another message from him saying she was in trouble as well. Happy sighed and started to make her way to the hangout.
After several days of training with her father and Mizary she learned she could change from her demon form back to normal. Her demon form gave her better agility and just a bit more strength. Her horns still showed no matter what, so she had to get used to them, which she did. Something inside of Happy felt elated that she became a demon, and her father was kind of happy as well. Happy was much more easier to train when she was in her demon form.

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Lamia Dosojin
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