I'm A Fighter

I fight with Depression everyday
She really hates me
She wants me to die
I try to fight her with a razor blade

She has tried killing me
Making me isolate
I cut the skin deep enough to try to get rid of her
It doesn't work

She added new friends to the game
Voices, they come and go at times
Creepy little people in my head
They need to go

Telling me to jump off buildings
Stab myself
Hang myself

I tell them no
They are a nightmare that never ends
Doctors told me they have come to stay
Oh well... .

I don't hear them as much
But when I do, it's creepy
I tell them to back off
I know what I'm doing

I will not hurt myself
I will take some liquid magic to drive her away
I'll tell her friends to leave
I will defeat Depression