Those two men who were glaring in each other’s eyes at sunrise in the grand pier had a few things in common. The only matter making them corporate with each other was the adventures and voyages they had to take together. The taller man was the captain of a large cargo ship called ‘morning star’ and his shorter but more athletic partner was a well known businessman who used to rent his ship to transport his goods. This time the merchandises were food and it would make the delivery hard as it couldn’t survive a long time on the sea. That was the reason those two was arguing before departure.
“This cargo you’re giving me isn’t what you can make money from and the risk of getting lost in the storm at this season is high, you know that, right?” Said the blond captain. He was slim and tall with straight long fair hair and narrow grey eyes under his thin eyebrows. His eyelashes were insignificant. The man was a mixture of races that always had lived by the shore. “I know all the risks and the matter isn’t just money this time. My country needs these seeds. We haven’t had enough snow last year so people are worried that we won’t harvest as much as always this year. Most of land lord are going to change the seed they plant…” Pierro started explaining his reasons again but was stopped by captain who was tired of hearing them. Pierro, the businessman, had parents from one family despite of the other guy. His eyes were brown and rounder and larger than captain and his hair was shorter but longer than shoulder length with hassle color and slight waves. His arched brows and thick eyelashes could win against captain’s easily but the short beard he got had made his face manlier than the blond guy. “Your problems have nothing to do with my sailors. You’re going to risk their lives as well as ours.” Yachima, the captain reminded. “Can I invite them to gamble their lives for a considerable amount of money?” Pierro asked slyly. “Go ahead and make your offer!” Yachima said sarcastically and shrugged. Pierro went up to the deck and asked the vice captain to call the crews. He had an offer to suggest.
A week later, Yachima was cussing himself for letting Pierro buy his men, as shouting the commands in the howling wind to save his ship from the wild storm. Pierro was down resting is his cabin or arranging his accounts knowing that the cloud and wind that were gulping him had magnetic elements within the which meant the compasses were useless while they were caught in enormous waves. But he was so calm as he had trust Yachima and his sailors more than anything else on the earth.
As the sun light the sky and warmed the woods of the troubled ship, Pierro stepped on the deck and inhaled the fresh air joyfully. “Captain, God give you long life! You have made it perfectly, I can’t see much damages to the ship.” He greeted Yachima as met his grim face and messy hair. “Shut up stupid merchant! We’re out of our way and in the western seas. Do you get it?!” Yachima groaned scornfully and passed Pierro. “I see, we’re in their waters without permission. Yet I can pay the fine if we get caught. It will solve it, am I right?” The businessman asked as following the captain on the stairs to second deck. “If they accept it, Pierro. IF! They will probably take everything including our lives. I prefer to go back to the free waters before we’re found…” Yachima answered and checked the wind but suddenly the watch guy shouted: “They’re coming!”
“We’ve been found! Everyone in their positions, it’s emergency! To East with Max speed!” Yachima yelled with pale face and men started running around to do their task in order to save their lives. “I’ve to talk to them.” Pierro said firmly.
“I told you they won’t listen.”
“But I have to try!”
“As you wish you stubborn idiot! I’ll send you to them with a boat!”
“Yes, that’s what I need exactly. This ship should take the food to my people. Even if I can’t convince them I should be able to delay them…”
“That’s a warship; it’s faster than us… wait a minute… I’ll come with you!”

Therefore, soon Captain and Pierro were sailing toward the galleon with a small boat. Two sailors were in their company and Morning Star was making its way to freedom before enemy’s canons could reach her. Yachima stopped the boat right in front of the warship to make them stop and let them onboard but they didn’t. The warship preferred to pass over them and so Yachima took Pierro’s waist and jumped in the water. The other two sailors did the same and each of them took a wooden box with them. Pierro was surprised. What the military ship had down was obvious attempt to murder and he had gulped so much water when Yachima dragged him to the shreds of the boat and let him breath. Pierro coughed a lot then looked at captain and asked with harsh voice: “How can we slow them down now?”
“Leave it to my boys!” Yachima said and then an explosion was heard. Sailors had used the explosives in the boxes to make a hole in military’s ship. Pierro smiled as saw the fast ship slowed down and Morning Star could enter the international waters. “What now Ychima?”
“Not much, we’re doomed!”
Pierro had felt the wrath of western navy till his bone. He wasn’t sure how many of them were broken but he had been beaten to death after being saved from the sea. It happened to all of them. Four men were caught from the sea, getting beaten, were irrigated, had been punished for making damage to their ship with whips and sticks, and finally had been chain in different parts of the ship in the lowest stages which fresh air couldn’t reach them and smelled terrible. Pierro hadn’t eaten for about three days and was worried for Yachima and the other two’s condition. He had found out that they had no use for the navy and wondered why he had been kept alive. Probably he was going to be jailed. “Perhaps prisoners are free labor source for them.” He told himself and assumed that it was the most probable reason for him being taken to the west lands.
Pierro didn’t know how many days had passed. He had been given something to eat while ago and the chains were replaced with ropes. His mouth had been closed with a piece of clothes and his head was covered by a bag as he was being dragged out of the ship by a man who was pulling the rope attached to his neck to make him move faster. ‘Even for a prisoner it’s a harsh way to take one to the jail!’ He thought and felt the pier’s smell and heard the crowd. They were probably in a large port city. He was pushed inside a carriage and was forced to sit on the floor then felt the sole of a shoe in his shoulder. No one talked to him till they stopped and he was taken to a reeking building. Finally the bag and cloth were taken off as well as the ropes and Pierro found himself in a something like a bath room. “Clean yourself and shave your face. Tie that hair too. We don’t like the style you let it fall like girls!” Said a bulky man and shoved some grey simple clothes in his arms. “Where…” Before Pierro could finish his question he received a punch in the face and collapsed on the floor with bleeding mouth. “You won’t question, low level trash. Just obey or die painfully!” The guard said and locked the door as left Pierro alone. Pierro had learned his lesson. He had weakened a lot during the days he spent chained up in the warship with a little food to survive. Hopping that someone from his country will come and save him, he bathed and shaved his beard then tied his hair in a loose ponytail to satisfy his captors. He had just worn the grey shirt and trousers when the door was opened and he got handcuffs and chain to bind his hands and feet. He wondered why they were treating him like a murderer. His crime wasn’t that big! This time they just blocked his eyes with a band and walked him from one building to the other. In the end, when he was allowed to see his surroundings, Pierro saw himself in a large ware house like hall with high ceiling. There were so many people in the place and except guards rest of them had their necks chained to the wall just like him. This time the man in front of him looked softer than the guard he had seen before so he thought maybe he would answer him but the man already knew his question. “Right now it’s five in the morning. At seven those doors will be opened slave traders will come to buy slaves. If you look useful in their eyes you’ll have a better chance to save your future from what can be worse than hell! So treat well!” He said with a smile and went to the other side of the hall. Pierro’s mouth had been left ajar from the shock. He was going to be sold as a slave. For a man who almost always had been the boss this sudden change was a disaster. He leaned back against the wall and sled down, sitting on the ground. The two slaves at his right and left had fallen asleep and the only thing he could do at the moment was waiting with a pale face and painful heart.