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Assorted Shorts
A collection of my writings, mostly unrelated to each other.
The Story of This Girl [snippet]
This is a rough example of how I deal with emotions/fluff. It's a lot of dialogue and a lot of hastiness. Mind you, this was written some time ago. I like to think that I've learned a bit more.smilies/icon_xd.gif

The Story of This Girl, a snippet
"Wake up! Wake up, wake up, wake uuuup!"

Why was someone squealing? Who in the world was that anyway? What the heck was I sleeping on? I opened my eyes a fraction and wondered, where am I?

Beneath me, I heard a groan. "Shut up, Alice," the thing beneath me said. "You're in my ear."

The squeaky voice - no, that was Alice - giggled. "But you've gotta wake up! Rob's here."

The voice beneath me replied in muffled voice, "Great. Go kiss him for me."

There was a soft thud and someone saying, "oof." Light footsteps darted away and I heard Evan shout, "ALICE! GIVE ME BACK MY PILLOW!"

Okay. I was awake.

A little annoyed at all the shouting Evan was making, I stared down at him from my makeshift bed, eyebrows furrowed. I probably looked like a mini tornado had hit my hair, but I was beyond caring.

He was staring back up at me in the same manner, except he didn't look like a crazy, batty maniac.

This staring contest continued on for a while and then Evan said, "Who are you?" He didn't say it unkindly, but more like he honestly forgot who I was.

"I'm your wife, Emilia." I was awake enough to decide that I wanted to play around with him.

Evan's eyes widened and he was wide awake now. "What?" He snapped, and then continued in his usual, polite voice, "Uh...what happened last..." Suddenly, comprehension dawned on his face.

"Jade!" Evan reprimanded. "God, don't do that. I really thought I had gone and done something..." He shook his head and sprung up, and I saw for the first time how tall he was. He smiled amiably down at me and this lit up his face.

I smirked. "That was for creeping up behind me last night."

Evan smiled crookedly and offered me his hand, which I took. "Then the game's not over, huh?" He had that twinkle in his eyes.

I snorted. "You can't beat me if you tried."

I was up, but he still held onto my hand tightly. He rubbed my hand with his thumb and looked at me dead in the eye. "We'll see, Emilia."

For some reason, I couldn't look away from his eyes. His dark eyes were sparkling and he held onto my gaze, making it harder on me to break it. Really, I was lost in those mesmerizing, twinkling, dark--

Someone softly snored behind us.

a/n: nothing weird went down last night or whatever, kay? just a big, safe sleepover =p

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