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Zero to Three
So, last week I didn't lose nor did I gain which was another surprise since I was really bad. Though not as bad as this week. I ended up getting the flu from a coworker last week so I really didn't care to write down what I ate nor did I care what I ate. This week I was still in that mode of not caring what I ate and I ate out a lot this week. I went back to my 'regular' routine that got me to my weight. So I gained three pounds this week and that makes me really rethink things. If I can just track everything and stay clear away from fast food for a good while then I think I can hit my five pound quota. I must say I feel very guilty about this since I really don't want to end up with all those diseases that obese people have. I don't want to end up like my parents who have all these problems because they don't take care of themselves. So I am going to do better this week, I am not going to go into my extra points, which is the system for Weight Watchers, and I am going to stay on track and even exercise.