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Q: How loyal are you to Duncan??
Ahoy! Thanks for your question~

I'd say I'm more loyal to Duncan than I am towards anybody else in my life. I'd do anything and everything for him. Really, his happiness is what means the most to me, and my life-goal was always something I never really knew, but turns out..It's just to make sure Duncan is and feels like the most important person in my life forever and ever. I put him before everything, and always try my best to help him through problems as best as I can. I always make sure he knows just how much he means to me, and that I love him more than I could ever express.
Not too long ago, one of my younger sisters' friends actually spread around the High School that I was cheating on Duncan with one of my ex's, who is also at the High School. I honestly can't find a valid excuse as to why someone would think I'd even do that..Duncan means the world to me, and it's crystal clear in the way I am around him, and who I am since I've been with him and known him. It disgusted me to know my younger sister was willing to spread the rumor around aswell.
..Thankfully..Duncan trusts me, more than anybody as he's told me. So he believed me when I said I hadn't cheated on him with my ex. I'd never cheat on Duncan, not for anyone or anything. I know damn well it'd the biggest mistake of my life, and I'm not taking any chances on losing the one guy who's made me see that I'm more than what I thought I was, and showed me that my life is worth living.
Who wouldn't be loyal towards someone who makes you feel like you're a billion times the girl you thought you were, and always reminds you that not only are you no longer alone, but you're also with someone who loves you for you?