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I'm coming to realize...
...perhaps I should keep my mouth shut.

Nearly every forum topic I've made that isn't related to asking for help or a game has gotten negative attention. Is it because my opinions are...disliked...or is it just me? Is there something I'm doing wrong?

My most recent topic, for instance, is getting a lot of negative votes...

...It must be me...

...Maybe it's that black and white thing. Is that what it is? Am I looking at things in that "black and white" way people always talk about...?

I'm misanthropic. I hate humans on a general basis. We are stupid and a plague to the planet. We also invented this wretched thing called "poor". One has to remember that; being poor isn't something that just "is", humans invented it.

So I take that sort of mindset here on Gaia with the whole GC/gold issue...

In other words...

It is only this way because of greed. Virtual and real-life GREED.

Asinine fools...the whole lot...

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What I say is going to


♠ There are times when you need to be insulted.♠

General hatred, distrust or disdain of the human species or human nature.

♠ God has a sick sense of humor.♠
:♠: Yes, I can and do have normal discussions and interactions.:♠: