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Bye Bye Birdie
Losing a friend is never an easy thing.
Like dropping that big scoop of icecream. You build this great anticipation of how awesome it is going to be, but one wrong step and you could let that amazing things drop to the ground....doesn't make much sense...
Change is inevitable and people change all the time. Whether it be their hair, clothes and music interest. You yourself may not be able to notice it, but those around you will.
Trial and error allows us to experience and meet new people and it is up to us whether those people stay in our lives or not.

Me. well if you asked me what phases I went through - it would probably just be my attitude to things in life. I was snobby and thought I had everything figured out when really i didn't.

Because of my selfish and self centered ways i hurt many friends and said things and did things I never meant to thinking about it now. If i could just take it all back and have it never happen at all.

These nightmares will forever haunt me - but at least they shaped me into who i am today. Living each day to try and put a smile on those I care about to tell them they matter and that I care.....