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" "Thanks... Oh..." she smiled. "You're really pretty."
I cried."

No joke! That's was actually happened to me today. I cried so hard after she called me pretty. Well... I ran to the bathroom and cried. It's people like that green haired girl that make me smile. ... After I cry. But still smilies/icon_smile.gif
I know she meant it, and that's why I cried. It wasn't a joke or something quick and easy to say to get close to me. She meant it, and that is why I cried.

That green haired girl that I helped deliver plates to the free speech plaza shall forever remain in my memory.

Thank you, beautiful green haired girl. I hope you find that perfect guy you're searching for.

Hopefully, I'll find one. ... ANYWAY, she made my day smilies/icon_smile.gif

Another note, I'll be getting the last of us soon! Whooo hooo! I'm so glad I'm a sony girl. I've been waiting for something like The Last of Us since the trailer.

Not only that, but I'm getting pretty tired of watching the Sword in the Stone whenever I'm bored. And HBO charges too much for their s**t....

just sayin'