I sit alone on the path of life,
Watching as others pass me by.
“Do they know of my existence?”
I ask myself as the strangers walk on.
“Do they even care?”

I want to approach one of them,
Just to let them know that I’m here.
But I’m afraid, I can’t speak.
Doubt is clouding my mind,
Terror is stealing my voice.

So I ignore the world,
Just like it ignores me.
I try to find ways to make my existence known,
But I come up short on answers.
“How to I approach them?”

Others make it seem so easy,
They overflow with confidence.
“But what do you do when you’re someone like me?
So shy you’re afraid to speak,
and all you do is hide?”

Racking my brain for answers does nothing,
My mind continues to stay blank.
“If only one of them would just look at me...”
I say in a hushed whisper,
Hiding deeper in the shadows.

“All I really want is acceptance,
Is that so much to ask?
But I’m terrified of being rejected,
Being cast out just for being me.
I have a voice so why can’t I use it?”

Waiting alone one life’s path,
Is a lonely existence even to me.
But there is the rare time,
When one of the strangers takes the time to know me.
To accept me for me.