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[OC] Marnie Evelyn
For - fun; based off of Brave Frontier
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First Name: Marnie xxxxxxxlllxxxxPersonality (Adj. / words): energetic, optimistic
Last Name: Evelynxxxxxxxllxxxxxidealistic, clever, observant
Nickname: Mar, Marv xxxxxxxxxxLikes: sweets, meeting strange new people,
Age: 17xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxlxxllxxxfantasy books/movies, playing electric guitar
Race: Human (F)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxDislikes: vegetables, flats, contacts, laser beams
Height: 160 cm or ~5'3" x.xxlxxOther: Mar actually started out super unfit.. a couch
Weight: 54 kg or ~120 lbslxllxxxpotato. She also has only her left ear pierced:
Occupation: Summoner xxxxlxxxtwo on the lobe, 1 on the top of the ear flap.
Powers: ConjurationxxxxxxxxxxxShe gets more as she becomes a stronger
Weapon(s): 1H Long SwordxxllxSummoner.

Marnie is the only child of a loving family of two mothers. She was adopted by them at birth and currently has no idea who her biological parents are. Her only hint about her parentage is her "ability" to see things normal humans can't, such as monsters and fantastical beings that should lurk only in dreams and imaginations but somehow found their way to the real world. Growing up, Marnie often found herself talking with these strange creatures, especially one named "Seleste" who became her best friend. Seleste explained to Marnie about the spiritual dream world that existed alongside earth, and how anything can happen in this world because it was powered by the imagination, hope, and despair of humanity. Marnie's innocent, curious child mind found this dream land more enchanting than her own and spent all of her time talking to Seleste about it, neglecting to make even one "real" friend. That prompted a lot of teasing and bullying from the other kids, but Marnie didn't care so long she had Seleste by her side. Soon, her lack of social skills roused the attention of the adults in her life.

Her preschool teacher was the first to notice Marnie's "unhealthy obsession with her imaginary friend Seleste" and brought it up to her foster parents, who declared that it was normal for a preschooler to have and love their imaginary friend. However, when Marnie didn't "grow out of it" by the age of thirteen, her mothers realized that it was more than just a phase. The two worried women began consulting various psychiatrists, pediatricians, and therapists to help their child's "condition." But it was to no avail: Marnie still stuck stubbornly to the fact that Seleste definitely existed, no matter what kind of pleas, threats, or logical reasoning was applied to her.

Through all of this, Seleste remained Marnie's one constant companion, though the spirit couldn't stay in the earth realm for extended periods of time. As Marnie grew older though, Seleste began visiting less and less until she stopped coming at all. Marnie grew extremely worried for her friend and, at this point in her life, devoted all of her free time to look for her spirit comrade, further increasing her foster parents' concern about her mental well being.

On Marnie's fifteenth birthday, things took a dramatic, downward twist. In her dreams, the brunette was visited by a strange woman who was calling for help. She didn't know who the woman was, but knew for certain that she existed and required assistance. For weeks, Marnie didn't know what to make of the night time messages, but the urgency of the woman's voice was always in the back of her mind. Slowly, the dreams crying for help turned into nightmares of war and, coupled with the taunts at school, her parents' misunderstanding, and the therapist's attempt to "fix the problem", Marnie began succumbing to stress and frustration, borderlining clinical depression.

This continued on for about 10 months or so and one fitful night, Marnie decided that since she couldn't sleep, she should try to get things off her mind by taking a walk. While she was strolling through the park, she was attacked by one of the spirit beings that could breathe fire that she saw when she was little. Unable to protect herself, Marnie suffered severe burns before a blond woman came to her rescue, handing her a sword and yelling at her to do things like "Summon a spirit! C'mon, you can do it! Summon! Summon!" After being horribly confused, extremely slowed down due to the sword, and painfully attacked by scorching hot temperatures, Marnie finally evoked her innate power and summoned a spirit.. which turned to be Seleste..

Together, Seleste and Marnie defeated the rogue spirit and were reunited after one long year.

When their survival was assured for the night, the blond woman introduced herself as Tilith from the Spirit World. She explained to Marnie that the dream land was caught in a horrible war and that was interfering with the veil that kept reality separate from imaginary. Even humans were getting into this war, using their Summoning powers to fight battles in the real world. If it was to be kept up, then both worlds would meet destruction because one could not exist without the other. At this point, Tilith asked Marnie to take up the role as a Summoner, and Marnie accepts. She decides to attend Lunar Scarlet Academy in order to meet other Summoners and hone her powers.. [click here to read this scene in more detail!! [currently incomplete]]

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This outfit is Marnie's official "Summoner's Uniform" outfit. Every time Marnie has to conduct battle in either the Real World or the Spirit World, she must be in this uniform for maximum results. The clothing is made out of a special fabric created by fusing "real world" material with "spirit world" material, resulting in a highly flexible cloth that is durable and lightweight, ideal for a fight between Summoners.

Due to mysterious Spirit World laws, Marnie's regular clothes automatically get switched out into this uniform whenever she calls upon her powers. Kind of like a Sailor Moon transformation minus the activation phrase, the lights and the music. It's also instantaneous so Marnie can call on her abilities quickly to combat surprise attacks.

adding more as she becomes more developed.

1. Switch Summoning
Many beginner Summoners can only summon 1 spirit at a time, and Marnie is no exception to that precedent. Even advanced Summoners find difficulty in sustaining more than 1 Spirit at a time; it is a skill for experts only. Even so, Marnie is able to bypass this shortcoming fairly easily.. by switch-summoning. She is able to call out and send back spirits at a rapid pace, making her battle style smoother and more efficient. For example, you could be fighting Seleste in one second, and then all of a sudden, you're fighting Liza who attacked you from behind.

2. Link Burst
Each spirit has an unique ability that can be used to enhanced Marnie's own fighting style. For example, Seleste's Link Burst temporarily liquefies Marnie's body, making her immune to most, if not all, physical attacks while Weiss's Link increases her movement speed tremendously. Each spirit has it's own power up and each power up only lasts for a short amount of time and it all depends on the Summoner to use them to their full potential in a fight.

3. Power Cycle
Later on in the series, Marnie becomes one of the first Summoners able to have at least five spirits with them on the field due to the Power Cycle. Whenever a Summoner calls upon a Spirit, some of their magic is consumed as an "activation" fee, and the rest of the magic is slowly consumed to keep the Spirit in the real world. The Power Cycle happens when the Spirit sends back the energy they receive from their Summoner who then continues the circle and sends the energy to the Spirits again, forming a cycle. Through this intricate flow of magic, Marnie is able to have out five spirits, and can bring more out as long as the cycle is not disrupted.

Things She's Good At

1. Teamwork
Marnie, as a human, does not shine by herself. Her companionship with all of her spirits and their impeccable teamwork is what really makes this couch potato incredibly dangerous. Marnie is able to coordinate all of her spirits's different attacks and techniques into one efficient plan, and is a master conductor to the rhythm of battle.

2. Flexibility in the Field
Marnie and Team Evelyn (all of her spirits) are very versatile in their role in battle. They can act as a support group or the main attack group. Whichever it is, Marnie always has a team of good friends to help back her up.

3. Strength in Numbers
If Marnie is ever engaged in a fight, she is never ever alone. It makes her a dangerous foe to pick one, seeing that she could summon her allies at anytime she wishes.

Things that Need to be Watched Out for...

1. Species
Marnie, despite her magical prowess as a Summoner, is still only a human and is bound by human limitations. Her senses are not as sharp, her reflexes are not as developed and her stamina is almost non-existent compared to her enemies. This makes her really vulnerable, especially in a world where these limitations become someone else's advantages.

2. Unhealthy Lifestyle
Marnie's history of being a fatass and a couch potato doesn't do her any good in the battlefield, and she can't last very long against a strong enemy. This is only partially made up for by her mental capacity, but it's still incredibly dangerous for Marnie to over exert herself.

Adding more to these lists as I explore her character!

These characters are part of the actual story line of the AU/UA.
Check the drabbles/one-shots to see them in action!

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This is Seleste, Marnie's first friend and Spirit as a Summoner. Seleste specializes in the water element, able to increase the attacking capacity of her sabre with powerful jets of water as well as ice and high pressure water vapor when she becomes stronger. She is incredibly mature and always tries to take care of her friends. Seleste and Marnie are very close, and share an almost sister-like bond with each other. They are so close that people often joke that Seleste knows more about Marnie and vice versa, and tend to ask the other for information about one.

Link Burst: Marnie's body liquefies and becomes immune to regular physical attacks*.
* She is still affected by things like electricity, since water is a conductor.

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This is Liza the Flame Witch and the second spirit Marnie befriends on her journey. Liza specializes in the fire element and can wreak devastation and havoc where ever she goes with just a snap of her fingers. She is incredibly busty and is not afraid to use her charms to seduce her way through to what she wants. She often makes fun of Marnie's unsexiness and teases her about being forever alone, well, forever. Despite that though, Liza is very loyal to Marnie and is ready to help out whenever she's called upon.

Link Burst: Marnie's attacks gain a flame element and her attacking power increases.
- This Link Burst is not effective against things like water and stone but highly effective against stuff like wood. You know, just think about Pokemon and you should get it.

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This is Clary, the Time Mage, and the 3rd spirit Marnie asks to join Team Evelyn. Actually, she kinda just joined on her own, but that's alright too. Clary specializes in the earth element, particularly plants though because who said leaves weren't dangerous?? Clary is really happy-go-lucky and is always goofing off with Marnie much to Seleste's dismay. She's a bit on the young side and always manages to keep a positive, bubbly outlook on life despite being thrown into war so early. She likes to tell bad jokes and make bad puns when she is very happy.

Link Burst: Clary taps into the cellular level to speed up the regenerative process, healing Marnie's wounds.
- It is not particularly healthy for the body to rely on this method of healing as it is unnatural and this Link Burst should only be used in dire times of need.

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This is Lario, the archer! Yeah, he doesn't have a fancy title name thing, but he didn't want one in the first place, so yeah. Lario is incredibly stoic and quiet, and never says anything ever unless he's reprimanding Marnie. This stubborn p***k refused to join Team Evelyn a grand total of 71 times and only joined after Marnie picked a fight with one of the oldest Summoner families to try to free him and prove her worth. He is now one of the proudest members of Team Evelyn (but he'll never admit it!) and is an excellent sniper.

Link Burst: Marnie's eyes get way better and her accuracy increases. She is able to note and attack weak and vital points much more easily.

Characters she meets and befriends in unofficial spin-offs like RPs!
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