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Just Some Thoughts c:
Just Ranting&What Not~
I'm not sure if I wrote about any of this in my other entries,
but back in December my grandpa was sick.
He thought it was just a regular cold, and that it'd go away, and we did also, he's a tough man, he could fight it.
well, we all thought wrong.
On Christmas he came to visit us all, and he seemed fine, coughing here and there, but fine.
Until a week later when my uncle went to go visit him at home and found him in bed unable to move, barely being able to breathe, and just seemed miserable,
even my mom's boyfriend began to tear up when he saw him like that.
My mom, and the rest of our family took him to the clinic, because my grandpa was too stubborn to go to a hospital, but immediately from there they sent him to the hospital to the emergency room, where they then transferred him to the ICU.
He stayed there for 5 whole weeks in paralyzed sleep, on a breathing machine, and we'd stay there for visiting hours, hoping he'd get better.
That was until one of the nurses called my mom that night saying he was going into cardiac arrest, and they were doing compressions on him.
The look on my mom's face, the way she was panicking was enough to make any stranger want to cry.
A couple hours after she had rushed to the hospital she called my sisters and I informing us that he'd passed away, and it hit everyone pretty hard.
It all seemed unfair, but I'm sure we all saw it coming.
Even my mom did. I'd overheard her talking to my uncle and what stuck out to me was when she said, "Maybe he was already gone, and we were just trying to keep him here a little longer."
Planning his funeral was something I never thought we'd even have to think about, but in past week, it's exactly what we've been doing.
We've also been doing Rosarios (Something religious we do so grandpa's soul can find the light) and I love how all our family has come together.
I'm not sure how everyone else is coping, but my mom is angry all the time.
She's been taking her anger out on her brother, her sister, even us. My uncle says it's probably because she regrets not talking to him for so many years and fighting with him a lot when she was younger.
I just hope she doesn't stay angry for long, or that we can help her.
Who knows, maybe it just takes time.

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