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[One Shot] Satsuya Meets Her Descendant
"Well, well... I never thought I'd get to meet the founders of our small clan," Étoile murmured as she stared at her ancestor, "it's quite ironic actually."

"Uh.. yeah," Satsuya said awkwardly, pointedly glancing away from her supposed descendant. This is way too weird. "So how are you guys? I mean like, a thousand years into the future.. and.. things..."

"Do we get married?" Goemon piped up, draping an arm over Satsuya's shoulder, "how many babies do we have? Are they beautiful like her or are they beautiful like me?"

Étoile's face broke out into a small smile as she watched the two of them get into another fight over something ridiculous. They were exactly how the stars said they were, plus a few extra quirks here and there. But Étoile didn't mind; they were the founders after all, the reason why Étoile existed in the first place. It was an absolute honor to be in their presence.

"Yes, you guys do get married," the pale ninja said laughingly, "and you gave us our kekkai genkai, so thank you."

Satsuya's fist stopped two inches from Goemon's nose as the blonde girl turned to regard her descendant, "..kek..kekkai what? And what do you mean I get married to this jerk?!"

"Ah, well I mean-"

"There's no way I'd willingly get married to HIM!"

"But you must or else I won't exist."