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The Life Of Eric Prince
Be warned this goes deep and under any circumstance is not to be made fun. Comment and subscribe to me if you find what you see to be amusing or have a new point of view of me.
My First Step On Gaia To My Amazing GF Now And The Truth
Of course when I left Disney's chat room I didn't leave behind my rp which slowly brought me up to my reputation before my girlfriend today. I slowly gained experience each day and got noticed by more and more people each day. Of course during some of those times I was trolled or called ped***. I still didnt learn my lession on not dating someone I just rp with. Because by then they would have only wanted me for it and not me. So I ran into a few mistakes here and their until I finally realized I know I should never let them into my life after doing so. Mine was different than a lot of peoples. I know some who are reading this right now find this a joke or not believable but it did. It placed a effect on them that made them only want more and as soon as my detailed material ran out, so did they. Eventually after 2 years on gaia I met the one I hold dear to me today in 2014. She had this kindness inside of her most girls did not, she matched almost the full description of what I have been looking for. After the 3rd day into our relationship I learned more about her and what she has been through. I cared for her so much because she seemed so sweet I said the words a man would regret for the rest of his life if he wanted to keep dating after. "I love you and I will love you forever. You have my heart and you are the last that will ever be in my life." The relationship kept getting more difficult each day because she kept making new friends who have seen me on gaia before with my old reputation. They thought it was their duty to save her from me, they did not believe a kind of guy with my reputation would be able to commit to a life relationship and not leave them. So they tried by sending her evidence of old rp's I did and faked ones that were copied and pasted onto images. Eventually I did slip and made 1 mistake that I should not even be posting because it will haunt me every day. But I know after doing it I can never forgive my self and I can never live it down. I did cheat on rp but I never felt so uncomfortable doing it tho. I knew it was wrong in the past but never had a problem doing it till I was with her... At that moment I never wanted to feel that way again and I never wanted to hurt her like I did. I was hoping this whole thing would blow over eventually only to find she would get so upset and tell almost everyone she meets what I did. This lead to another group on gaia planning to break our relation ship by saying she was a "mental girl and using her for my own pleasures". That was never the case to begin with. She has been trying to get gaia gold for me since day one and ever since i found why she kept suggesting selling herself I told her no. I love her too much and no gaia item would make me happy to put her through that. The only way she can show her love to me is by being their for me. She is the best girl I will ever know... She did something nobody else did. She stood by me while I was down rather than leaving me to think in my sorrows. I wont forget that and I wont forget her. I will keep fighting for our relationship no matter now much I am put through. Which is why I write this today. Recently the group has spread the rumor of me using her to half of her friends and people she just meet. Now they can read this and see the truth on weather or not the rumor was true or was it made by someone with a twisted mind to ruin other peoples relationships.

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