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Q: What do you love about Duncan??
Ahoy! Happy St. Valentines Day everyone! emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif

Thank you for your question!
There are many things I love about Duncan, more than I'd ever be able to put down. Of course, you were probably expecting that reply..But really..There are so many things I love about him. But, I'll write a few, so here goes;

1. His humor
2. How he makes me feel like I'm the best person alive
3. His smile
4. The way he treats me
5. How he loves me for me
6. His smell
7. The fact he can make me smile even when I don't want to
8. His kisses
9. His hugs/cuddles/snuggles/huggles/glomps
10. How he looks at me like I'm the most important thing in his life
11. The way he gives me last-minute kisses before we have to leave
12. His patience with how stubborn I can be
13. How he sticks by me through anything and everything
14. His sneezes
15. How he just acts so dominant where he picks me up if I refuse to leave
16. His eyes
17. How he knows all the things I don't
18. The fact I know he loves me back
19. How he has the same taste in music as I do
20. That he's just Duncan

And so much more that I'd honestly take forever to write down..And I'd rather spend forever with him and tell him everything I love about him when that perfect romantic moment comes up which gives me the chance to say it. But yes..Those are just some things I love about my amazing Duncan, who I will always love unconditionally for the rest of my life~ ^w^