Miss Mermaidia
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New Beginnings
I've changed a lot as a person. No longer that weak girl who was dependent on finding love. No longer searching, and putting my trust within another man. In a way, me being a mermaid symbolizes me moving on as a person. I've grown wiser, stronger, and have a more keen sense of who I am. I sail the seas with courage, avoid pier pressure, and sea more of life's treasures. I'm slowly blossoming into someone more beautiful each day by staying true to myself. Old, desperate me is gone. New, mermaid me washed in with the new year. I've never felt so much happier in my skin. I have clearer skies ahead of me. The clouds have cleared up tremendously, and I have a better vision of my future. The people who've hurt me in the past definitely take a part on shifting the person I am today. They're a curse and a blessing. I've learned from my mistakes. I focus more on my self happiness, oppose to who I was before. I will, and forever, be a mermaid for life. gaia_smilies/icon_star.gif