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Q: Do you have a 'bond' with your pets???
Hai there~ Thank you for your Question!

Yes, I do have a bond with my pets..Most of the time, I consider them as my friends, or generally something I can pour my problems out onto when I feel like nobody else is listening.
..If there's one great thing about pets, you can talk all you want, and they just sit there and 'listen'.

Currently, I have 2 cats. One male ginger tabby farmhouse cat, Thomas..And one female white tabby cat, Tigs. Thomas is my Mother's cat, but was originally mine..After a 'swap' because Tigs seemed to like me more than my Mother. I tend to have Tigs in my lap, because she's quite the sleeper..And whenever I have a problem, I usually cry, and she'll look up at me and nudge me as if to say ''What's wrong?''.
Nobody really understands how useful a pet can be until you have one and a problem pops up.
I used to have a white English Bull Terrier b***h called, Storm. She used to be considered as my best friend, my sister and pretty much the one missing thing in my life; Someone to listen to me and let me just pour my emotions out. She did pass away eventually, she had kidney failure in her sleep..After that, I guess I realised I had friends who were just like her. Of course, my parents tried to 'replace' her, but didn't find another dog any success..So moved to cats.
Now, I have a 'love-hate' relationship with my cat, Tigs, who shares my room with me. She's a darling when she wants to be, but when she wants nothing to do with people but to sleep on you..She's such a cow, it's unreal. However, she is there whenever I'm upset/angry/depressed or any emotion.

So to Answer your Question;
Yes..I do have a bond with a pet. My cat, Tigs.

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