Been getting the itch to bring back some of my old RPs, but it's not a good idea until Otherworld is done, or at least self sufficient. In the meantime, so they aren't all jumbled about in my head, some of the places and people I've been thinking of reusing.


xSeijuin or Pisces: Would really love to give a maritime setting another go. If it's fantasy, I'd love to use Amaia again and play around with some political drama. If it's sci-fi, I'd bring back Pisces and use Jules,although it might be a bit too weird depending on how Otherworld has developed at that point.

xAlmatha: Well, why the hell not? It's been my flagship brainchild for years, until I put it up on the shelf. I should give it another shot. I'd have to outline a proper plot though, and scale it down. Maybe focusing on a single unit and a few small missions (led by Ozzy and Roland?)

x]Klox City: .....Nnnnot sure what I would do with this one. But floating cities and supercomputers and ancient machines are fun,right?


x.. All of them. Especially Ozzy. And Avecca. And Sammy. Maybe Amber? She had potential.

xNot sure if I'm ready to throw Ialo into a non-MFHS story, but it would be nice to dust him off and get to play a flamboyant personality again.

xSunny and/or Emmet, if there's anything involving reapers

xShiloh, for sure, he's got to make his debut if there are angels involved.

xCirrus, maybe, for amazing acidic melting powers.