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ANNOYANCE: Rebuilding Part 2
MUSIC: "Keytar Hero" - Vodge Diper

I know what some of you are thinking. "WHOA, MINIS, WHERE THE HELL, SAKU?!"

A lot of people won't agree, but I chose to buy some Roses & Romance generators. I lucked out. And bought my own pair of Mini Angel Wings, alongside a small amount of items that I lost to the hacker, including both Puck and Rocker. I also chose to give back and gave some of my items that I had to the friends that gave me gifts after the hacker crap. To those friends, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. ♥

So what's next? Getting most of my other s**t back, that's what! We all know how slow Gaia can be with their hacking reports (and stuff in general...), so things may return to normal-ish. The following is what I'm gonna work towards getting back:

+ Winged Anklets
+ Secret Retreat (any gen)
[strike]+ Compass of Seidth (any gen)

+ Adamant Vault (any gen)
+ Celestial Soldier x2
+ Demon Manifest
+ Parcel Post x2 (any gen)
+ Wed to Darkness x2
+ Paramour's Break (any gen)
+ The Case of Pietro (any gen)
+ Lovely Maritime
+ Dark Heart (any gen)
+ Inari's Beads (any gen)
+ Keiko's Cake (any gen)
+ Sugarsuite (any gen)
+ Chyaku Norisu Scarf[/strike]

As you can see, lots of my missing stuff is evolving items, most bought with GC. smilies/icon_neutral.gif
One thing in life is that you don't ******** with a person's valuables, be it tangible or pixels.

Wish me luck.

EDIT: A very kind and dear friend donated me the Compass and the Case to me. Q___Q THANK YOU, SWEETHEART.

EDIT: Stuff has been returned. All is well.